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We regard the straight approach and strategic partnership with our customers and the world manufacturers as a key factor for the successful fulfillment of system projects and complex information solutions.

CNSYS vision is to offer to its customers the following real and competitive advantages:

›› Access to the leading-edge technologies - we would like to be the chosen direct source of information about the latest technological innovations and IT products, applied in Bulgaria.

›› Design, planning and building of infrastructures - we want to consult you how to most effectively use communication technologies, networking topology, Internet development, and telecommunication industry evolution for your infrastructure needs.
›› Business deployment - we would like to work together with you for the optimization of your expenditure for information resources in order to better develop and manage your business through information systems and technologies.

That's why we maintain long-term partnerships with the best manufacturers in the world to build winning partnerships with our customers in Bulgaria.

World manufacturers 
CNSYS has strategic business relationships with established world manufacturers after winning and developing some of the hardest and most complex accreditations...

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CNSYS is a company focused on the research and successful implementation of world leading-edge IT technologies for the local needs of Bulgarian customers.
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Reference projects 
Over the ten years of its development CNSYS has shown to a wide range of customers its actual and firm intention to keep the quality of information...

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