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Expert solutions

Data Processing Center Solution

The company has successfully realized IT Data Processing Center solutions over the last few years. At present, we face an increasing demand of unified solutions to satisfy the need of processing, storing and archiving of larger and larger data volumes. To this end, we offer consultations and design of solutions such as:
›› Highly performing systems for data processing
›› Storage and archiving of distributed and consolidated databases
›› Highly reliable cluster solutions
›› Building of an information environment to make real-time reports and references and to take expert decisions
›› Connection of servers and data arrays in heterogeneous networks and working out of strategies for the use of distributed resources

One of the key factors of success is the serious and long-term investment in the training and certification of top experts, in addition to the strategic partnership with such companies as Hewlett Packard, SUN Microsystems and Oracle.

IT Security - Audit and Consultations

It's not a secret that information protection against unauthorized access and subsequent malicious actions is crucial for the business development of any organization or company. We provide a large number of services such as audit of network architecture and implementation of security policies. As a result of this audit, we provide customers with a detailed analysis of all possible "weak" points that can be used for an unauthorized access to the network environment. We may consult the working out of a plan for security policies implementation and their application on the basis of an internal discussion with IT departments or IT experts on the site.

Our product portfolio includes various hardware and software means such as Firewalls, IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems), Network Monitors and Scanners that can be implemented on the basis of customer's specific requirements to the internal security policy and the procedures on its application.

A wide choice of solutions with various reference options may be offered to customers who would like to control and monitor their internal and external network activities.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

As Gartner Dataquest research shows, more than 60% of large companies, which can not resume work within 48 hours and have lost financial operative data, are threatened with bankruptcy. It is quite a serious danger in terms of businesses where non-stop work is a crucial factor. Our service portfolio is orientated towards these organizations and is based on proven worldwide practices such as:
›› High Availability Clusters
›› Remote Data Mirroring & Replication
›› Autonomous Backup

We have know-how for development and implementation of Disaster Recovery Plan depending on the particular IT conditions and customer's requirements. We first analyze the specifics of a particular information environment and the external factors that might affect the normal business operations and then we offer a solution based on highly reliable components and technologies in compliance with the respective action procedures. Our expertise is based on proven world technologies such as:
›› HP MC/ServiceGuard
›› Linux CSM
›› Microsoft Servers Cluster
›› HP OpenView Products