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Commercial business

We recommend you to contact our sales consultants if any need of consultation or purchase in the field of information technologies occurs. No matter whether it is a complex information solution, communication task or even a purchase of a single computer or printer, our dealers will offer you up-to-date product and price information and practical solutions for your problems.

Our sales team offers consultations on local and global networks - from the most standard structural cabling to complex infrastructure solutions on the basis of optical connections. What's more, the experts from the different company divisions may effectively interact with your IT departments or specialists in order to work out together with the sales team the most attractive solution in terms of price and performance, with user friendly management and convenient upgrade and extension.

Any solution, which we offer to our customers, is based on the latest innovative products and technologies in the sector of computer and communication facilities, software and system integration. Depending on customer's specific requirements, our consultants may offer a number of optional services with added value such as preliminary information and resource audit, study of needs and budget assessment, TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) measurement and many other

Sales team
Our sales team aims at combining flexible price policy and detailed knowledge of the new products and technologies with attractive price offers focused on various markets.
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Small and Medium business solutions 
The sales teams of the Business Development Division, that operate throughout the country, are orientated towards the so-called Small and Medium Business...
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